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"Scenarists, directors, producers, opera singers, painters,mastery of cello, actor, actress, musicians, and dance groups are all in this section.  Their performans, exhibitions, films, music, show, biennials... "

After a Divorce, a Longterm Expat in Istanbul Falls in Love With the City

Image By  PERI SHARPE - ISTANBUL–This past year I fell in love with Istanbul, the city I have lived in for most of the last 18 years. I am a Turkish-American New Yorker, born in the U.S. to a Turkish mother and an American father. I moved to Istanbul from New York in 1996 for what I thought would be a year or so of getting to know the Turkish side of my family. And then I met someone. We fell in love, traveled back and forth between the two countries over the course of our 16-year marriage and until recently, I thought I was living in Istanbul because I was married to a Turkish man. I thought I was waiting for us to be able to move back to New York. Our plan for the future was to make our way back “home.”

The 13th New York Turkish Film Festival Will be Held on May 16-25

Image New York, NY (April 29, 2014) – The Moon and Stars Project, the arts & culture program of The American Turkish Society, is proud to present the 13th New York Turkish Film Festival. The festival will be held on May 16 - 25, 2014 at the School of Visual Arts Theatre. This year’s festival will build upon the success of “A Space Between: A Panorama of Cinema in Turkey,” a major retrospective of cinema from Turkey that featured twenty-nine films from 1958 to the present, which was co-presented by The Moon and Stars Project and The Film Society of Lincoln Center in 2012.  This year, the film festival is made possible by its signature sponsor, Chobani, LLC, maker of America’s No. 1-selling Greek Yogurt brand, among other contributors.

Turkish Conductor Performs in Carnegie

Image Turkish musician Sera Tokay, who has been living in France, has become the first Turkish female orchestra conductor to give a concert at New York’s famous Carnegie Hall. In 2011, Tokay formed a chamber orchestra named Lutece Philharmonia in Paris and this year gave a concert in Carnegie Hall on Jan. 30. The concert, which featured the orchestra made up of young musicians who graduated from a Paris conservatory, the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique de Paris, was supported by the Washington-based Turkish Cultural Foundation and the New York-based America Turkish Women’s Union.

Kate Moss Poses in Istanbul for Vogue Magazine

December issue: Jessica Chastain covers this month's Vogue
Kate Moss appears in American Vogue’s newly-released December issue in a spread set in Istanbul’s lush landscape. The supermodel takes to the streets of Turkey’s much-visited city in an array of designer outfits, often accompanied by English actor and 12 Years a Slave star Chiwetel Ejiofor in a spread titled ‘The Silk Road.’ She and Ejiofor visit The Egyptian Bazaar and the Çinili Köşk, among other sites – creating a vivid scene for outfits by the likes of Dior, Ralph Lauren, and Proenza Schouler.

Turkish Modern Art at SOFA

Image 10 Turkish artists showcased their work at the 20th Sculpture Objects and Functional Art - SOFA Chicago Fair on October 31 - November 3, 2013.  Asli Kutluay, Aysegul Kirmizi, Camekan, Derya Ozparlak, Dilek Aydincioglu, Dincer Gungorur, Meral Deger, Nadia Arditti, Pembe Hilal Tuzuner and Semra Ozumerzifon traveled to Chicago to join the opening night of the show and to represent Turkish    contemporary art as part of the ARMAGGAN Art & Design Gallery's exhibition at SOFA Chicago.

Laurel High School Teacher Uncovers Turkey's Wonders for Students

Courtesy of Kevin Holder - Laurel teacher Kevin Holder stands outside the Celsus Library in Turkey.
Laurel High School students might soon learn about the excavation site at Troy, the ruins of the Temple of Aphrodite and the dome of Hagia Sophia through the lessons of the school’s art director, Kevin Holder. Holder, 51, was one of 54 teachers nationwide — and the only one from Prince George’s County — selected to participate in a two-week tour of Turkey from June 28 to July 11. The annual trip was sponsored by the Turkish Cultural Foundation, a nonprofit organization promoting Turkish culture, and the World Affairs Councils of America, a nonprofit group promoting cultural exchanges. Both are based in Washington. Holder, of Columbia, said he plans to show images of ceramics, carvings and temple designs to his students, who will be able to use them as inspiration to create works based on Turkish influences.

The Hollywood Reporter's Alison Brower Named Editor in Chief of Dr. Oz Magazine

Image The new pilot magazine, a collaboration between Hearst Magazines and Dr. Mehmet Oz, debuts in first-quarter 2014. Dr. Oz's new magazine has an editor in chief: Alison Brower, who's spent the last five months as special projects editor at The Hollywood Reporter. Brower, the award-winning former executive editor of Redbook and deputy editor of Glamour, will lead Hearst's efforts to publish two pilot issues of a lifestyle publication for women, with health content as well as food, beauty, news, travel and finance. The title of the magazine will be announced in the coming weeks.

"Turkish Village" in America targets Abolishing Islamophobia

Image The "Turkish village" complex will be built on 60 thousand acres area in Maryland province of the US with an aim to abolish Islamaphobia following September 11 attacks. Dr. Yasar Colak, Washington Embassy Religious Affairs Counselor and President of Turkish American Community Center, expressed they made a dream come true of Muslims in America.

The NYS Legislature Adopts A Resolution Celebrating Turkish National Sovereignty

Image As a result of the action campaign by the Pax Turcica Institute, the New York state legislature adopted Resolution K298 celebrating the 93rd anniversary of Turkish National Sovereignty and Children's Day on April 23, 2013 and greeting all Turkish-Americans and the Pax Turcica members on this occasion.
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