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"Scenarists, directors, producers, opera singers, painters,mastery of cello, actor, actress, musicians, and dance groups are all in this section.  Their performans, exhibitions, films, music, show, biennials... "

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"Would you like to go Cartegena or Tokyo? Are you interested in different culture, cuisine and people? Do you want to learn the rest of the world or different parts of the United States. Las Vegas, Key West, Madison, or far away, Sri Lanka and Chinia. It's all about travel and discovering new places." View items...

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"Everything about to know about Turkish cuisine, restaurants, gourmes, and chiefs. From New York, Los Angeles to Koln, Tokyo... Most popular Turkish restaurants around the world! Special interviews, reports, and features. What makes Turkish cuisine unique and why is it one of the most famous cuisines in the world? Find all answers in restaurant section. View items...

Viva Las Vegas

Ilknur Gürdal Fieldhouse
When Las Vegas is mentioned, the votes are divided. Some people say, “Las Vegas all the way!” while some people hate it and decide never to go back. If you are a person who values colorful lights and the creativity of human genius, you will like Las Vegas.

A Weekend of Pleasure in Lake Tahoe

Ayşe Önal Zamboğlu – California
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Deep blue waters and emerald-colored bays of summer, unforgettable nature walks of spring, and skiing on white snow as you watch one of the best sceneries in winter… All these can be experienced at Lake Tahoe, 180 miles from San Francisco, located near the Nevada-California border in northeastern California.

The Real Owner of the Land: Crazy Horse

By Ahmet Yeşiltepe*

..... First we arrive at Mount Rushmore, where the white man carved the four American President portraits with great enthusiasm. Gutzon Borglum was the head of the team which carved George Washington’s, Thomas Jefferson’s, Abraham Lincoln’s and Theodore Roosevelt’s heads into Rushmore and turned it into a monument.

Florida Keys and Key West

By İlknur Gürdal Fieldhouse

The Florida Keys is a group of small islands located in the southernmost US in the Atlantic Ocean. In the Caribbean, small islands are called “Key or Cay”, and this is where the Florida Keys derive their name. The difference with this group of islands is that they are connected to each other with roads and bridges, and it is possible to travel to the islands by car.

Music Mogul Widow Is Being 'Terrorized'

Image Longtime friends of Mica Ertegun — widow of Atlantic Records co-founder Ahmet Ertegun — are worried she has fallen under the control of Linda Wachner, former CEO of Warnaco. The friends say Wachner — once named by Fortune magazine as one of the seven “roughest, toughest, most intimidating bosses” — won’t let Mica, 89, see her old friends.

Sorghum - The New Healthy Grain

Image By Deniz Turkbas - Throughout our culinary experiences, we have all come to learn about different grains.  There are bulgur, quinoa, oats, rice and barley, to name a few.  Growing up in a Turkish household, we became more accustomed to rice and bulgur.  Growing in my household, we were always finding new ways to cooak healthy and delicious foods.  Therefore, using whole grains and cooking healthy were always priority in our kitchen.
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