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"Everything about to know about Turkish cuisine, restaurants, gourmes, and chiefs. From New York, Los Angeles to Koln, Tokyo... Most popular Turkish restaurants around the world! Special interviews, reports, and features. What makes Turkish cuisine unique and why is it one of the most famous cuisines in the world? Find all answers in restaurant section. View items...

8th Turkish Festival to Take Place in Washington

Image The 8th Turkish Festival will take place in Washington, D.C. on October 3. The festival will be organized by American-Turkish Association DC and is expected to host 20,000 visitors. A total of 15,000 visitors --most of were U.S. citizens-- visited last year's festival.

Martha Tours Istanbul and Cappadocia

Martha Stewart visits Blue Mosque in Istanbul
"Martha Stewart Show" was shot in Turkey upon initiatives by Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry Promotion Directorate General. On five days trip, Martha Stewart tours Istanbul, with stops at the magnificent Topkapi Palace, the Spice Market, and ancient houses of worship. She explored the beauty and culture of Istanbul and shared her viewers at Marta Stewart Show on September 24th at Hallmark Channel.

TCF Study Tour Teachers Complete Turkey Tours

Teachers from across the U.S. get information about ebru art at previous tour program.
80 American teachers from across the United States visited Turkey on study tours organized and sponsored by TCF. The teachers' itinerary took them to Istanbul, Bursa, Iznik, Efes, Kusadasi, Cappadocia, Konya and Ankara. The groups visited the BJK Schools, Darussafaka High School, Karacasu Atakoy Primary School to learn more about the Turkish school system. Highlights of their program also included an "Ebru" workshop, a briefing by Turkish educational ngo's, visits to the Iznik Foundation and the Catalhoyuk excavation.

Discover Bioturism in Cappadocia

By Nergis Canefe
Cappadocia is the ancient name of a large region in the center of Anatolia, although when we speak of Cappadocia today we refer specifically to the valleys of Göreme and Urgup, with their natural pinnacles and rock churches. A long, long time ago a series of eruptions from the cones of Mt. Erciyes and Mt Hasan covered the area in a thick layer of volcanic ash which solidified to form the soft tufa that characterises the surface strata.

Istanbul Fascinates Oprah Winfrey

June 30, 2009 - "Hello from Istanbul!! We have had a few crazy packed days over here. We arrived in Turkey a few days ago and visited the ruins at Ephesus. They were amazing! We also spent a couple of days in Istanbul which is a stunning city. I was here five years ago with my best friend, Annic, and we had so much fun that I was excited to come back. The city is packed with things to see and do and the people could not be more lovely. Last night we saw whirling dervishes and fire dancers. So cool."

A Yoga Excursion to Turkey

By G. Lincoln McCurdy

As an American who has traveled extensively within Turkey and has had over 25 years of Turkish experience in the diplomatic service, private sector and the non-profit world, Turkey has a special meaning for me. There’s a mystical bond that keeps me coming back. As a long time yoga student of Amir Tahami at the Sun & Moon Yoga Studio, I was pleasantly surprised one day when Amir spoke fondly of his travels through Turkey.

The Mecca of Tea: Sri Lanka

Demet Cabbar – Washington,DC
For people who spent their childhood in Turkey during the 80s, such as me, phrase “smuggled tea” are magic words. Although we didn’t have the answers to such questions as “where was this smuggled from, why was it smuggled” or “how did it end up in our kitchen”, it was impossible not to realize
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