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Turkey's Very Own Emoji Keyboard Gives A Taste of Turkish Culture

Image An exclusive emoji keyboard has been developed for Turkish users applicable for instant messaging platforms where 6 billion emojis are shared every day worldwide. The app features more than 450 icons including cultural ones like "simit," "eggs with sucuk," "quarter gold chain," "tea," "Turkish coffee" and "father figure." The most used icon, however, is "evil eye talisman" ("nazar boncuğu" in Turkish), a popular gift choice among travelers visiting Turkey.The app's creator, entrepreneur Deniz Hotamışlıgil, 31, who resides in Los Angeles, said that the app is Turkey's first local emoji keyboard. He said that he had the idea after seeing the need for emojis required to express precisely the necessary emotions when messaging in Turkish.

The 10 Biggest Residential Sales of 2016

Image A decade after developer Harry Macklowe acquired the site for 432 Park Avenue, sales at the supertall condo tower dominated 2016’s top residential deals. Five of the building’s ultra-luxe pads were among this year’s 10 priciest closed sales — including the building’s $87.7 million penthouse, which closed in September. The spate of big-ticket deals at 432 Park TRData LogoTINY can be attributed to the fact that three years after sales launched, developers Macklowe Properties and CIM Group finally obtained a certificate of occupancy in late November 2015, allowing buyers to close on their purchases.

Bana Alabed: 7-year-old Syrian Girl Meets Turkey's President Erdogan

Photo Credit: AA
Hatay, Turkey (CNN)Bana Alabed, the 7-year-old Syrian girl who brought the plight of Aleppo's victims to the world, wrote the latest chapter in her extraordinary story by meeting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara. The meeting at the presidential palace in the capital was captured on camera and appears to show Bana thanking Erdogan in English, saying: "Thank you for supporting the children of Aleppo and help us to get out from war. I love you."

Turkey Won't Allow Attack to Derail Efforts for Peace and Stability

Emrah Gurel/AP
By Omur Budak -
The assassination Monday of the Russian ambassador to Turkey is a stark and tragic reminder of the terrorist threat all civilized nations of the world face and underscores the need to stamp out this scourge and restore stability to the region. Turkey condemns this heinous terrorist attack and will not allow it to cast a shadow over Turkish-Russian friendship. Already, Turkish and Russian investigators are jointly conducting a comprehensive investigation to identify and arrest all perpetrators of this terrorist act and bring them to justice.

Turkish Airlines Starts Direct Istanbul-Havana-Caracas Flights

Image HAVANA – Turkish Airlines, Turkey’s flag carrier, started offering direct flights Tuesday connecting Istanbul, Caracas and Havana in an effort to “link and expand contacts” between the Eurasian country and the Caribbean, company executives said. Mehmet Büyükeksi, a member of the Turkish Airlines board and president of the Turkish Exporters Association (TIM), said during a ceremony in Havana that the new route, which expands the airline’s destinations around the world to 295, will offer economic and cultural benefits. “We see Havana and Caracas as very important points among our destinations and within our expansion plans for Latin America and the Caribbean,” Büyükeksi said.

Coca-Cola Announces New CEO

Image The Coca-Cola Company has announced that current President and Chief Operating Officer James Quincy will be the company’s next CEO. Quincey will take over the role on May 1. Current CEO Muhtar Kent will continue as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Kent recommended the change in leadership structure and the board approved it. Quincey will stand for election as a director at Coca-Cola’s annual shareowners meeting in April.

Fahir Atakoglu Trio Hit US Venues

Image Following Fahir Atakoğlu’s latest release “Live at Umbria Jazz,” the 17th album in his vast catalogue of music, the Fahir Atakoğlu Trio will perform at three venues on the East Coast of the U.S. this month. The trio is playing at The Velvet Note in Atlanta on Jan. 13 and 14, the Deer Head Inn at Delaware Water Gap in Pennsylvania on Jan. 15, and Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola at the Lincoln Center in New York on Jan. 24.

SNC Celebrates Five Years of Perfect FAA Audit Scores

Image Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) Centennial, Colorado, operations team recently received a perfect score on its Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Manufacturing Inspection District Offices (MIDO) audit, marking an industry rarity: more than five consecutive years with zero findings or observations. The aviation, technology and integration systems company also earned a perfect score on its recent repair station audit, placing it among few companies ever to have earned an impeccable record of such duration.

Aydin Senkut: Series A Investors Want Efficient Growth

Image At Vator.tv's Post Seed conference last Thursday, Aydin Senkut, founder and Managing Director of Felicis Ventures, sat down with Rolfe Winkler, technology reporter at the Wall Street Journal, to discuss his role as a contrarian investor. The conversation began with a question about how the game has changed for companies looking to raise a Series A round.  "You've done a lot of early stage stuff in your career, and a lot of people in this audience are curious about what do you do in this environment, if you've raised your seed but you don't know if you're going to get to that A?" Winkler asked.

Hillary Clinton Can Expand the American Dream to Immigrants

Image By Murat Guzel - On the eve of this historic election, I have reflected extensively on my journey to become an American citizen and what truly makes America great. I immigrated to the United States to pursue my education in 1986. I was born in Turkey - a critical ally which will feature prominently in the next Administration’s foreign policy decisions. Next week, my daughter is casting her vote in Pennsylvania in her first Presidential election. Her eight year old younger sister has been inspired and focused in a way I have never seen. I have raised a family and built a multinational organics food business in the key swing region of the Keystone State. As I listened to President Bill Clinton visit Albright College last Friday and Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) at Muhlenberg College last Wednesday, I could not help but focus more of my attention on the enthusiastic chatter of the students in the audience. It is this generation that is and will make America even greater.
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