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Melda Akansel

Melda Akansel

An Expert on the Genetics of Melanoma

By Melda Akansel-
Dr. Julide Tok Celebi has been working as an instructor in the Dermatological Department at Columbia University-New York Presbyterian Hospital for the past seventeen years treating thousands of patients for anything from cancer to eczema, from warts to moles. Dr. Celebi, who works primarily on treating moles, also performs cosmetic procedures such as botox and laser treatments.

One Of New York's Most Successful Endodontists

By Melda Akansel-
Dentist and Endodontist Çağatay Erakın, originally from Izmir, is now living and working in his chosen profession in New York. Erakın, who won the green card lottery, has performed root canal treatment on thousands of patients since 2001.

Gets Rid of Pain

By Melda Akansel -
According to an old belief, during the time that God was creating the world, it was thought that people would only live 20 to 30 years and then a dinosaur would come along and devour them so they would be able to live their whole lives without feeling any pain. Even though pain is one of the most common and important health problems, and is usually a messenger of a more serious underlying health problem, it has not been taken seriously for ages.

The Twins of the Opera

By Melda Akansel
Having made the promotion of Turkish composers and their works their mission, Sinem and Didem Balık, known in the music world as the Opera Twins, are greatly admired by vocal-music connoisseurs.
Soprano Leyla Gencer, Turkish opera’s gift to the world
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