The Real Owner of the Land: Crazy Horse PDF Print E-mail
2005-08-15 11:20:59
By Ahmet Yeşiltepe*

..... First we arrive at Mount Rushmore, where the white man carved the four American President portraits with great enthusiasm. Gutzon Borglum was the head of the team which carved George Washington’s, Thomas Jefferson’s, Abraham Lincoln’s and Theodore Roosevelt’s heads into Rushmore and turned it into a monument.
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Hollywood Needs a Turkish Story PDF Print E-mail
2005-08-14 23:17:18
The Turkish image in Hollywood has revolved around movies with no artistic value but which were used to spread propaganda such as “Midnight Express”, directed by Oliver Stone, or “Laurence of Arabia” and “Ararat”. The Turkish characters are shown only when there is a need for an evil Middle Easterner in a scene or when a villain is needed for a fight scene with the main character.
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The Mecca of Tea: Sri Lanka PDF Print E-mail
2005-07-15 17:47:32
Demet Cabbar – Washington,DC
For people who spent their childhood in Turkey during the 80s, such as me, phrase “smuggled tea” are magic words. Although we didn’t have the answers to such questions as “where was this smuggled from, why was it smuggled” or “how did it end up in our kitchen”, it was impossible not to realize
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Doctor of Music PDF Print E-mail
2005-04-15 17:36:40
Since last year music enthusiasts in Boston have been able to enjoy themselves at a variety of music concerts, ranging from arabesque to Sufi music, from Anatolian rock to the songs of the famous minstrel Asik Veysel, from jazz to Turkish Art Music.
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Blue Voyage to Dance PDF Print E-mail
2005-04-15 17:16:57
Mustafa Aykaç – Boston
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Founded in the fall of 2002, Mavi Dance has rapidly progressed to become a dynamic force in the Boston arts scene.  Its founder, H. Pinar Zengingonul, Ph.D, has long taken an interest in a wide range of folk dance styles, from those of her native Turkey to Irish, Russian, and many others.
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