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Is Turkish Electronics Ready to U.S. Market? PDF Print E-mail
2010-08-08 04:56:14
ImageAs the sector is not only that of a unique industry having a market share of 1 trillion USD, and holding the rank of being the highest employer sector for the 21st century, but also has become the basic sector improving all the other sectors. The Electrical-Electronics and Machinery Industry is considered to be one of the major sectors of Turkey, as it is the source of information technology used by the developed nations to ensure competitive advantage.
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Turkish Trade Delegation Visits Four States PDF Print E-mail
2010-08-08 03:04:58
Muhtar Kent with Cemil Ozyurt, TURKOFAMERICA's editor-in-chief in Atlanta.
The Turkish state minister for foreign trade defined the aim of his visit to the United States as an opportunity to discuss investments in Turkey. "The aim of this visit was also to raise U.S. awareness about Turkey," Turkey's State Minister Zafer Caglayan told. Caglayan said he visited four states and held important meetings, particularly with the executives of leading U.S. companies.
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Dr. Dinlenç Defies the Prostate with A Robot PDF Print E-mail
2009-04-14 21:48:04
By Melda Akansel -
Dr. Caner Z. Dinlenç uses a robotic surgical method to perform prostate surgeries without the need for a scalpel, removing this surgery from being many a man’s most feared nightmare. Also performing kidney stone surgeries with the same method, Dr. Caner Z. Dinlenç has been signing off on success after success in the United States with his team at the Beth Israel Medical Center.
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Turkish Doctors in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut PDF Print E-mail
2009-03-26 18:21:52

Cemil Ozyurt - According to our research, there are approximately 200 Turkish physicians practicing in the tri-state area. The majority of them obtained their education in Turkey, then immigrated to the U.S. Cardiology, Internal Medicine, and Dentistry are the most popular specialties among the Turkish doctors currently practicing in the U.S.. They mostly graduated from prestigious medical schools, such as Capa, Cerrahpasa, Ankara University, and Hacettepe. If you  would like to highligted your name on the list and to get more information about page sponsorship please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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One of the Top 100 Dentists: Dr. Utku Ozan PDF Print E-mail
2009-03-26 17:49:07
Dentistry Today, the leading magazine of dental health in the U.S., every year publishes the list of the top 100 dentists who educate dentists with seminars throughout the country. Dr. Utku Ozan, who first entered the list in 78th place in 2005, took 8th place in the 2008 list. The list of the top 100 dentists, which was published under the title “Top Clinicians in Continuing Education” in the December 2008 edition of the magazine, was selected from a field of nearly 5,000 dentists. Dr. Ozan is the only Turk in the list, which is created according to the forms filled out by the dentists that participate in these education seminars.   

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