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The World's First and Only State Supported Trademark Program PDF Print E-mail
2009-01-05 21:23:24
A record 39,945 international trademark applications were received in 2007 by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) under the Madrid system for the international registration of trademarks, representing a 9.5% increase on figures for 2006.
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Turkish Exporters Should Rediscover the USA PDF Print E-mail
2009-01-05 20:51:24
Despite the fact that Turkish exports have been rising uninterruptedly since the 1980s, the recent global crisis means that Turkish exporters must now direct their activities towards new outlets. While Turkey exports 55 percent of its total exports-- quite a conspicuous share--to the countries of the European Union, the USA has remained below its potential as a trade partner.
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Turkey Is the Largest Buyer of U.S. Iron and Steel Scrap Exports PDF Print E-mail
2009-01-05 18:33:28
Istanbul Iron and Steel Exporters' Association President Serdar Koçtürk. (Photo by Necdet Kosedag)

The United States imports iron and steel products from 27 countries around the world, including Turkey. As Turkey’s exports to the United States reached 642.7 million dollars in the first 10 months of 2008, and even though there were certain setbacks recently, Turkey is still assertive in the American market when it comes to construction iron (Bars-Reinforcing).
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Why Haven't We Been Affected by the Crisis? PDF Print E-mail
2009-01-05 18:29:30
In May 2006, Sefa Stone began serving American consumers with its 16,000 sq.ft. depot in Miami. The reason the company chose the city of Miami, the heart of the East Coast, is the high demand for natural stone in that area.
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How Will Businessmen Survive During the Global Crisis? PDF Print E-mail
2009-01-05 17:19:35
On February 7, 2007, the Reuters News Agency sent its subscribers a seven sentence news item. The news item said that the subprime and risky loans of British-based HSBC Holdings had reached 10.5 billion dollars in 2006, and that this was more than 20 percent over what the analysts had been expecting.
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