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Turkish Traces in Vienna PDF Print E-mail
2008-08-29 13:57:56
The famous Oriental studies expert Kertsin Tomenendal in his book “Turkish Traces in Vienna” points to close to 400 various Turkish works of art in Vienna. However, most of them create an undesirable image. Some of these are:
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Life in Vienna PDF Print E-mail
2008-08-29 13:56:04
Sinan Ertugrul.

By Sinan Ertuğrul* -

Vienna – Vienna is the capital of an old Empire and you realize this better while roaming the streets of the city. The Cathedral of St. Stephens, which is extensively mentioned in the Turkish traveler Evliya Celebi’s Book of Travels, is the symbol of the city. Just as it is a must for travelers to see Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and the Empire State Building in New York, it is a must to see the Cathedral of St. Stephens in Vienna.
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The Wild Dragon Seeks New Markets in the USA PDF Print E-mail
2008-08-28 18:24:24
The Wild Dragon, which is exported to 32 different countries in the world, is sold in the Chicago area.

Vienna, Austria -
One of the areas on which the Macro Group has been concentrating recently is Wild Dragon, an energy drink. Hüseyin Ünal started out by becoming an associate of another energy drink company in Austria, the motherland of energy drinks, and afterwards created his own brand name, The Wild Dragon.  
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The Largest Turkish Food Company in Austria: The Macro Group PDF Print E-mail
2008-08-28 18:05:40
Huseyin Unal, President of the Macro Group.

Vienna –
The story of the Macro Group began in a small grocery store. Hüseyin Ünal from Yozgat, who came to Austria as a worker, met the halal meat needs of various neighborhoods in Vienna. The adventure, which started by selling the meat of 30 lambs per week, has now turned into a company with a revenue of 90 million Euro.
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The Man Who Introduced Ceylon Tea to European Markets PDF Print E-mail
2008-08-28 17:57:25
Ayhan Bakan, President of Orient GmbH.

Vienna, Austria-
Though it interrupted the course of politics, Turkey’s coup d’état of September 12, 1980 culminated in significant changes in the lives of many young people during those years. When the army took over the state administration, many young people preferred to go abroad to get away from the political turmoil.
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