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Sells 400 Tons of Pizza Sauce Annually PDF Print E-mail
2008-08-28 17:32:12
Vienna – In the Austrian capital of Vienna, just as in Germany, Turkish entrepreneurs have heavily concentrated on the wholesale food and gastronomy sectors of the market.  The wholesale food buisness is the first to come to mind in cities where Turks make up a big part of the population.  The food wholesale and retail business was born from the need to consume food suited to their own tastes.
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He Couldn't Be the Bakery's Driver but Became its Boss PDF Print E-mail
2008-08-28 17:27:07
Vienna, Austria - Turkey, which is number one among the countries of the world in consumption of bread, also possesses the technology important in the development of the work of a baker. According to a survey done by the Turkish Public Union in 2006, the annual bread consumption, in kilo/ person,  is 71 in Denmark, 51 in Finland, 62 in Germany, 68 in Italy, 60 in the Netherlands, 58.5 in Spain and goes up to 128 in Turkey.
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The Actors in the Ethnic Furniture Market PDF Print E-mail
2008-08-28 17:18:51
Vienna, Austria – The total volume of the furniture sector in Austria is estimated to be worth 30 billion dollars. Approximately 700,000 immigrants who live in Austria constitute 15% of this market with 4.5 billion dollars. In addition to the Turkish emigrants, about 500,000 others from countries of the former Yugoslavia, such as Serbia, Bosnia and Slovenia reside in Austria.
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Worlds Apart, Together in Turkey PDF Print E-mail
2008-02-15 16:09:59
By Valerie Block*
I’d been dating Musa for several months when he told me he was going back home to Turkey. I figured it was goodbye boyfriend, but he surprised me by phoning often. Two months into his absence, I was on a plane to Istanbul!
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Dangers of Turkish Travel PDF Print E-mail
2008-02-15 16:07:02
By Catherine Salter Bayar *
As a Californian clothing designer in my thirties, I’d traveled alone on business to at least 40 countries worldwide. When I announced that I intended to travel solo in Turkey in 1998, however, I was bombarded with warnings from concerned friends about the danger inherent in my plan.
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