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Istanbul's Top Tourist Sites PDF Print E-mail
2008-02-14 21:22:01
By Kathy Hamilton
Istanbul’s rich past spans thousands of years and numerous empires, creating a historic mosaic encompassing the city, as well as two continents. With so much to see and explore, it can be overwhelming for the first time visitor to try to decide which sites are ‘must-sees’ in order to have a sampling of Istanbul’s varied past. The top sites on any itinerary should include the following places.
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Key Facts About Turkish Tourism PDF Print E-mail
2008-02-14 21:05:36
• Great geographical advantage - one quarter of the world’s population can be reached within four hours of flight time.
• Tourism is the fastest developing sector in Turkey.
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The Secrets to Making Your Way in the Marble Market PDF Print E-mail
2007-12-15 17:23:32

By Hasan Kürşad Devecioğlu
Turkish firms are very visible in the US marble and natural stone markets. Home to almost half of the world's natural stone reserves, Turkey is an active player in the US market. In addition to the Turkish firms already established in the US, every year new Turkish firms attempt to find success in the market. Some attain great success quickly, while many others have to accept defeat just as quickly.

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The U.S. Furniture Industry PDF Print E-mail
2007-12-15 17:10:50
U.S. furniture industry usually grows about 7% to 8% a year; this year it's expected to jump only 3%, from $84.6 billion in revenue last year to $87.1 billion this year.
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The Unrequited Love of a European Turk: Politics PDF Print E-mail
2007-10-15 18:25:15
Of the 54 Turks living in Europe that ran for office in the recent parliamentary elections, only four made it into the legislature.
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