Discovering Stars: Feryal Ozel PDF Print E-mail
2004-02-15 00:58:19
The name of Feryal Özel is listed under “Big Ideas,” one of the twenty names of well-known scientists like Einstein and John Nash. As a Hubble post-doctorate fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies of National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA), Özel is researching the formation of our universe, stars, black holes, and the Big Bang theory.
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25th Largest Company in Chicago: Emel Singer PDF Print E-mail
2004-02-15 00:48:57
Every year, Crain’s Chicago Business Magazine ranks the women-owned companies in Chicago, Illinois, based on their annual sales revenue. The list includes other indicators such as number of annual income, number of employees and annual changes compared to the year before. The only pre-condition for a company to be included in the list is to be owned –at least by 50%- by a woman.
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First Turk in the Metropolitan Opera: Bengi Mayone PDF Print E-mail
2004-02-15 00:42:17
On the cover of Art and Entertainment section of The Palm Beach Post Newspaper, published in Florida last August, there is an opera singer smiling in her red night gown. Her name is Bengi Mayone. The news article is about her successful track record in the Palm Beach Opera in Miami.
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Offering Solutions to Financial Crises PDF Print E-mail
2004-02-15 00:23:51
WASHINGTON, D.C. - World Bank is one of the largest organizations employing about 10 thousand employees from 160 different countries. Approximately 150 Turks are working in different units of the World Bank Headquarters which is located in Washington, D.C.
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