Morris Schinasi and the Manisa Children's Hospital PDF Print E-mail
2008-07-13 09:42:39
Naim Güleryüz / Researcher-Writer - Mrs. Laurette Schinasi came to Turkey in 1930 to meet with Department of Health officials in order to present a petition to found a children’s hospital in Manisa in line with the last will and testament of her husband, Morris Schinasi; he had died three years previously in the USA. Construction began immediately, following approval by the Department, and the then International Moris Şinasi Hospital was commissioned in 1933; it still serves the public today, as the Moris Şinasi Children’s Hospital.
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Hagia Sophia at the American Airlines Terminal PDF Print E-mail
2008-06-15 13:45:28
New York - In the year 532 AD, the Roman Emperor of the East, Justinian I, ordered the leading architect of the day to build a monument that would outshine all other religious buildings. The end result, which took five years to complete, was the Hagia Sophia, and it didn’t disappoint the emperor.
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Turks Contribute $17B to California PDF Print E-mail
2008-06-15 09:31:58
Işıl Öz-San Diego* -
California resident Dr. Ertan Elmaağaçlı  finished his three and a half year DBA with a paper on “The Turkish Diaspora Who Live in California and Their Contribution to the Economy.” This research aims to present the Californian Turks in a better light as well as reveal their contribution to the local economy.
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The Germans in Turkey PDF Print E-mail
2007-10-15 16:35:36
Cem Şentürk
Türkiye Araştırmalar Merkezi

As in many West European countries, immigrants in Germany and their adaptation to society is one of the constant issues in German politics. If Germany is taken as the focal point, the Turks, forming the largest immigrant group with a population of 2.6 million, have a consistent place in the middle of the discussion.
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Experience of Euro-Turks PDF Print E-mail
2007-10-15 11:16:03
Prof. Dr. Faruk Şen, director of the Turkey Research Center Association (TAM), recently published a book presenting the statistics he had compiled while doing research on Turks living in the European Union. He also chronicles his own experiences, as a Turk who has spent many years in Germany.
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