If Doner were to be a Profession! PDF Print E-mail
2008-08-29 15:30:39
Koln, Germany - Döner, which rapidly spread through European countries with Germany in the lead, has surpassed all fast food products and has become a giant sector with its producers, sales points, restaurants and consumers. In Germany there are overall nearly 300 döner makers. Around 30,000 döner stalls and restaurants employ 150,000 employees.
Chamber of Döner Entrepreneurs led by Yunus Altinsoy.
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Organization of Ethnic Enterprises PDF Print E-mail
2008-08-29 15:11:32
Dortmund, Germany - Dortmund, located in the North Rhine-Westphalia district of Germany, has a population of 587,800 and is the seventh largest city in the country. It ranks 34th among the large cities of Europe and according to the 2005 census residents include 134,000 (22.9%) immigrants.There are approximately 27,000 Turkish people living in Dortmund.
Caner Aver, Spokesman of DOGIAD.
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Businessmen Get Together at the Mediterranean Executive Dinner PDF Print E-mail
2008-06-15 13:24:08
Los Angeles – About a year ago, a group of Turkish businessmen who live and work in or around Los Angeles decided to make a habit of getting together regularly.
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Financiers Desperately Seeking Synergy PDF Print E-mail
2007-12-15 15:42:59
The Institute for International Education recently announced that there were 11,600 Turkish students studying at American universities in the 2005-2006 school year. Although this was a decrease from the 12,500 students of the previous year, Turkey still ranks as eighth in the world in the amount of students it sends to study in the US.
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Sending Hope to Anatolia PDF Print E-mail
2007-12-15 15:26:13
One day a lawyer, a company manager, and a businessman sat down together and contemplated how to tackle the lack of books for students in public schools throughout Turkey. In their spare time they formed the Bridges of Hope Project Foundation in November 2005 and in the past two years have provided 11,000 public boarding school students with 16,000 books.
Last Updated ( 2008-04-16 01:02:57 )
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