Turkey to Invest $1b More to Pakistan PDF Print E-mail
2013-07-18 18:15:46
Image ISLAMABAD  -   Founder of Pak-Turk Business Council Turgat Bayan Monday said that Turkey has planned to invest $1 billion during next three years in the communication, textile and automotive sectors in Pakistan.  He said this while talking to chairman BoI M Zubair and apprised about the forthcoming investments from Turkey. Turgat Bayan stated that currently the FDI of Turkey in Pakistan is $370m and Turkey plans to invest $1 billion during the next three years in the communication, textile and automotive sectors.
Last Updated ( 2013-07-18 18:16:46 )
What Is Not Happening in Turkey! PDF Print E-mail
2013-06-12 01:55:23
Image By Murat Guzel - Throughout the week, we have witnessed that the US media coverage of the Gezi Park protests in Turkey misrepresented a lot of the facts on the ground. The American public was presented with a sterilized and highly romanticized view of the protestors with almost no reference to very well-known hate-based ideological groups which capitalized on the opportunity for conflict. Moreover, a segment of the Turkish community in the United States sponsored an advertisement published by two major newspapers which further exploits the existing misunderstanding of the events.  It is unfortunate to see that most of the information and commentary on these protests in Turkey suffers from a failure to understand Turkish politics and society, and therefore, misguides the American public opinion.
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Turkey's Prime Minister Condemns Anti-government Protests PDF Print E-mail
2013-06-07 19:05:23
Image ISTANBUL, Turkey —Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan returned to Turkey on Friday morning in a defiant mood, calling for an end to the anti-government protests that have rocked the nation during the last week. In a speech from atop an open-air bus to thousands of supporters, Erdogan, back from a four-day trip to North Africa, said, "These protests must end immediately." "No power but Allah can stop Turkey's rise," continued Erdogan during an address to the scores of Justice and Development Party faithful who had gathered at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, according to local news reports.
Full-Page Ad Inspired By Turkish Protests Is One Of Indiegogo's Fastest Campaigns Ever PDF Print E-mail
2013-06-05 14:10:59
Image As protests have rocked Turkey over the past few days, three Turkish professionals in the U.S. decided on Sunday that they had to take some action. Turning to their technology backgrounds, the trio launched a crowd-sourced fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to buy a full-page ad in the front section of the New York Times in support of their fellow Turkish citizens who’ve clashed with the government across dozens of cities. In just a matter of hours, they’d jump-started the fastest major politics funding campaigns in Indiegogo’s history.
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Turkey Assesses Damage in Istanbul and Ankara Protests PDF Print E-mail
2013-06-02 04:02:04
Image Almost 1,000 people were detained in more than 90 protests held across the country, as Catharina Moh reports. Turkish police have arrested more than 900 people during two days of protests, the most sustained anti-government outburst for years. Interior Minister Muammer Guler said some of those arrested had since been released, others would be put on trial. He said 26 police officers and 53 civilians had been hurt, one of them seriously. Protests flared after police cracked down on a peaceful sit-in against a plan to redevelop a park in Istanbul.
Last Updated ( 2013-06-02 04:04:58 )
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