Comodo Internet Security 2013: A Hit With the Critics! PDF Print E-mail
2013-02-17 18:09:24

Image Producing a major software upgrade is a lot like producing a Broadway show. You write it, practice in the test lab, then take it “off Broadway” in a beta test where you can get the feedback of a live audience. When you have all of the kinks worked out you make your big debut. Like a Broadway show the critics will have their say. Now, we produced Comodo Internet Security 2013 (v6) for computer users everywhere and we know that you just can’t please everyone.

Sierra Nevada Corporation and Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company Partner on Dream Chaser Program PDF Print E-mail
2013-01-31 00:59:10
Image Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) Space Systems is pleased to announce Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, of Littleton, Colo., is joining the SNC Dream Chaser® team. Lockheed Martin will be an exclusive partner to SNC on NASA's Certification Products Contract (CPC), and has been competitively selected to build the composite structure for the Dream Chaser at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, La.

Comodo Guards Internet from Clifton Site PDF Print E-mail
2013-01-26 00:20:43
Comodo CEO and founder Melih Abdulhayoglu
In the most recent release in a line of acclaimed antivirus computer software, Comodo Internet Security 2013 has taken antivirus protection to a new level by focusing on eliminating threats before they can ever happen. Computer viruses and other malicious programs and software slip into computing systems every day, securing all sorts of data and infecting systems. The idea behind the new Comodo technology is to never allow any of those evil processes to ever begin. How it works is simple: the users go about their typical computer activities while the antivirus software stands by guarding quietly in the background. The antivirus client allows only certain applications to run on the computer and blacklists those that do not have permission.
Why to Choose Comodo SSL Certificates PDF Print E-mail
2013-01-23 13:17:20
Comodo's Romania headquarter
The experts have chimed in and agree that Comodo is beginning to surpass the big three in the SSL Certificate industry for one simple reason – cost effective trust. The computer software industry is powered by trust and reliability in the goods and service provided by the SSL Certificate provider. However, cost is also an important consumer value – and there is no better value than free in today’s digital world.
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Turkey's Tech Businesses Boom on the Bosporus PDF Print E-mail
2012-12-20 23:17:15
Image MUSLIM farmers do not keep pigs. This is as true of those who play at virtual agriculture as of those who fill physical food-troughs. So there are no pigs in the Arabic version of “Happy Farm”, published by Peak Games, a young firm based in Istanbul. For the same reason “Happy Farm” has no vineyards, and female farmhands wear the hijab. Local tastes matter. Peak Games has found rich soil. It already employs 200 people and has developers in Jordan and Saudi Arabia as well as Istanbul and Ankara. More than 35m people play its games at least once a month, many of them on Facebook. Half of the players are in Turkey; the rest are in the Middle East and north Africa. Rina Onur, one of its founders, says that she and her colleagues saw a gap in the online-games market that companies catering to Western tastes could not fill. So Peak Games offers people in Turkey and nearby countries games with a regional twist, like “Happy Farm”, as well as online versions of traditional amusements. Okey, a Turkish game played with tiles, is most popular.
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