"Turkish American scientists and acholars araound the country. Their success stories, discoveries, inventions... They build a sustainable science bridge between the U.S. and Turkey. This bridge would facilitate the flow of scientists and scholars, knowledge, and technology and help link science and technology institutions in the two countries."
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2016-05-23 13:31:44 Turkish Nobel Laureate Aziz Sancar to Meet Gifted Children and Their Families 1526
2015-11-20 01:00:45 Prof Vamik Volkan Wins World's Prestigious Psychoanalysis Award 2155
2013-11-19 23:02:02 US Authorities Targeting Muslim Professors at Airports 3519
2013-02-23 12:45:51 A Conduit for People who Love Malcolm All Over the World 4422
2012-05-02 03:42:38 Why Oxford University Couldn't Survive Without Philanthropy 5191
2012-03-04 19:17:34 Envoy Calls on Turkish Scientists in USA to Share Experiences with Youth 4367
2011-05-24 16:03:05 Ermeni Yalanlarina Son Mitingi 4949
2011-03-31 12:33:31 City Tech Professor Mushabac Named 2011 Scholar on NYCCT Campus for her Sephardic Short Story: Pasha 6565
2011-02-24 14:31:30 Father of Teen Killed in Gaza Flotilla Raid Seeks American Justice 5442
2009-10-05 18:29:45 The Sephardi Diaspora 7281
2008-08-29 16:47:40 "Taking Refuge under the Crescent and Star" 8907
2008-06-15 08:58:10 Brain Drain -Is a Problem or an Advantage? 21048
2006-10-14 22:31:38 Father-Figure of the Turkish Students in Boston 9766
2006-10-14 21:53:29 Searching for Noah's Ark 9574
2006-05-15 18:53:42 Can You Draw Me a Heart Operation? 7392
2005-07-15 19:35:05 The Future of Tourism and Turkey 9203
2005-07-15 19:19:32 People Are Starting to Control The Media 7034
2005-07-15 19:04:24 An Inventor Seeks An Investor 7546
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  • Women  ( 27 items )
    "From Dallas to Chicago, from New York to Washington, D.C., in every corner of the U.S., Turkish women successfully stand in the forefront with their success in business and professional life, and academics. Here are the Turkish women and their success stories."
  • Businessman  ( 99 items )
    "Founders of succesful businesses, executives, Presidents, CEOs, and General Managers... Gilan, Vocelli Pizza, Unique Settings of New York, Benchmark, Sanli Pastore & Hill, Askew Industrial Corp., Luca Luca, Inseco, Rapid Conn, CAO, Telenity, Bicom, and many other success stories... "
  • Professionals  ( 75 items )
    "Professionals from all different industries, sectors, companies... Their success stories, life experiences, plans, and aims. From Silicon Valley to Wall Street, from law firms to technology companies, from New York to San Francisco."