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"Finding a job after completing MBA education, international study concerning the risk factors for cardiovascular disease... Different cases, different solutions from health to education system, business to social life... "
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2012-05-03 16:40:24 Coca-Cola Explores Energy Drink Bolt-On 5042
2011-02-01 17:24:47 Outward Direct Investments Nearing $24bn 6393
2009-10-06 14:28:51 An Over 100-Year-Old History of Turkish Sephardic Jews in Seattle 21158
2009-10-05 18:49:53 Sephardic Jews from Turkey and Former Ottoman Lands in the United States 15016
2009-10-05 17:47:39 Edirne and Its Jewish Community at the Turn of the 19th Century 11993
2005-07-15 12:03:14 Done With Graduate Studies, Now Off To Find A Job 16580
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  • Jewelry  ( 1 items )
    "Atasay, Altinbas and Arpas are the three Turkish companies who started operating on the 46th and 47th Streets of downtown Manhattan. The region, which is currently home to around 50 Turkish jewelry companies, is known as the heart of the gold market. "
  • Reports  ( 29 items )
    "Are you curious about how can you get help from India when you live in the U.S., how much do people send to their country from the U.S., want to compete in the U.S. market but you don't know how? How German exile scientist live in Turkey during the Hitler era? And now how many German live in Turkey? Interesting reports about various subjects."
  • Interesting Facts  ( 8 items )
    "When you read the features, you must be shocked but all of them are true. Such as the US delegation, having bought 33 camels in total from Turkey, returned to the US, landing at in February 1856 at the Texas Port of Indianola. The roots of the Melungeons who are believed to be brought to the American continent by the Spanish sailors around 1500’s and to lie in Caucasia, the Mediterranean region and to Anatolia and more stories..."